Barry holds regular private and public training sessions around the region to aid the training and improvement of equine behaviour. He also holds private clinics to suit the most popular types of training needs at affordable rates including:

Relationship Building ( 1 day )

This one day clinic is aimed at building a relationship between the student and their own horse. During the clinic, we will work through any challenges you may be experiencing with your horse, using Monty Roberts’ methods.

On this clinic:

- You will learn to fit and to use the Dually Halter,

- You will learn how to achieve Join-Up with your horse,

- You will learn to improve your horses’ ground manners,

- You will learn to load your horse,

- You will learn long line and manoeuvre fun challenges and obstacles with your horse, improving his and your confidence.

Price: £120

Long Lining Clinic  ( 2 days )

This clinic is run over two days, showing how important long lining can be and the results than can be achieved by using this method.

On this course:

- You will learn how to tack up correctly and safely,

- You will learn how to lead the horse from behind,

- You will work through fun challenges and obstacles from the ground,

- You will learn to double line lunge in our round pen.

Price: £199

Horsemanship 101  ( 2 days )

These two days are aimed at students who have little or no experience with horses. If you’re getting back into horses after a long break or your child or partner has a horse, then this course is ideal to familiarise you with these amazing animals.

On the course:

- You will be introduced to being around horses safely,

- You will learn to approach a horse safely, in the field and the stable,

- You will learn to groom and tack up correctly,

- You will be introduced to the Dually halter,

- You will watch a Join-Up demonstration by Barry Thomas, Certified Monty Roberts Instructor.

Price: £225

Join-Up Clinic  ( 4 days )

This clinic is run over four days, giving the student an introduction to the language of ‘ Equus’ through practical exercises and demonstrations.

On this course:

- You will learn to understand the language of the horse, his gestures and behaviour,

- You will learn to respond to the horse’s behaviour using your body language,

- You will learn how to ‘Join-Up’ and how to put it into practise,

- You will learn how to fit and use the Dually Halter.

Price: £395

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